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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Katie Scholefield (UK) Lindsay Cash (Switzerland) Hanne Flintholm (Denmark) Margaret McCrory (UK)

There are some cracking Portrait Shuffles today - rather too many to blog, so we'll be splitting them between postings again. Thank you so much - such a wealth of talent out there!!

Katie's piece is very original and is worked on paper. The background is coloured - it seems to be using pure colour for tone - and this is overlayed with more portrait work on paper in biro. These drawings have, been sliced and placed over the background so that you get an appearance of fractured faces.

Lindsay Cash has sent a digitally enhanced photo, which has then been highlighted with coloured pencils. The cloth background has been wadded - gorgeous colours!

Hanne Flintholm's piece is called "A tiny Refugee!" Hanne's processes include liming with carbon paper on paper, pastel, watercolour, salt, fabric and yarns. Don't you just want to hug the little girl?

Margaret's piece is a self portrait. Go Margaret! The piece is heavily stitched threads on a cloth background, with applique features and earrings. Rich in texture. Margaret was inspired by the paintings of ALO - a young Italian street artist, living and working in London. His painting style was like stitch.

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