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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Linda Roan (Canada) Yvonne Imms (UK) Kathryn Forster (UK) Louise Allen (UK) Becky Clementson (UK)

We have a HUGE pile of Shufflers today, so there will be two postings. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful work - we're amazed at the variety of styles of interpretations that we've received. Don't forget to come along to the Festival of Quilts (Gallery TG9) to see them all together.

Linda Road  has sent this fabulous portrait. She says it's fabric paint, cotton print, embroidery, pencils and knitting yarn, and is of Lalita: digitized photo of a family friend.

Yvonne Imms' piece looks like a paper collage which has been over painted - the sitter is gazing into the distance and it feels very enigmatic.

Kathryn Forster's portrait is painted in striking and bright colours - oranges, yellows, purples, reds etc. Its great - she looks like she's just seen something amusing or nice out of the corner of her eye.

Louise Allen's painted portrait has a lovely palette of blues and oranges/pinks, and has a note on the back: "Portrait - based on a life drawing of Rachel - "meditating"....with my new Golden acrylic paints."

Becky Clementson's painting also looks to be acrylics. The sitter is staring forward but slightly down. Greens, yellows, and flowers in the hair!

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